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There is no other company that offers $15/page written by an ESL writer and $26/page completed by an ENL writer.

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Dear potential UVOCORP writers, we are currently hiring:

  1. Writers who are Native Speakers of English (these writers have exclusive access to orders which need to be written by a Native Speaker of English);
  2. English as a Second Language writers with a profound knowledge in Humanities, Business Studies, Applied, and Social Sciences;
  3. Writers with a profound knowledge in the following disciplines. Working only on them on a permanent basis is our internal separate project:
  • Accounting
  • Architecture, Building and Planning
  • Biology (and other Life Sciences)
  • Chemistry
  • Engneering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • IT, Web
  • Finance
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics
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If you are looking for online writing jobs, then is the place where you should look for online freelance writing jobs. This is the company that will look out for your needs and help you grow to be a better writer. This company has been, and is still, looking for writers who are very proficient in writing good papers in the fields in which they are trained. If you know that you are proficient in a certain field, then is the place for you to grow your writing skills and become a better writer, while earning more money than you would on other websites offering online jobs. This company always assists its writers in producing the very best papers that they can, without much effort, through the company’s support team.

The company’s support team operates around the clock to assist writers who may have issues about orders that they want addressed. For instance, you, as a writer, may be assigned writing jobs online with clear instructions indicating what you are expected to write about, and the number of pages or words that you are supposed to include in the paper. The customer may, however, contact you after you have started writing the paper and ask you to write more than you are being paid to write. In such situations, it is best to contact the support team who will advise you on the best thing to do. Also, clients do not always provide clear instructions in their order requests, and this may leave a writer confused on what or what not to include in the paper. In such situations, a writer has two options -- one of which is to contact the customer directly using the messaging system that the firm makes available, or contact a member of the support team who will have a faster way of contacting the client.

This company is unlike any other writing companies that one may come across on the Internet, especially in relation to the way it treats its writers and clients. This company believes that both writers and clients are vital to the operation of the company, and that the needs of both the clients and the writers must be fully met at any given time.

For the writers, the company provides a good chance at growing their writing careers through the various online tests designed, by the company, to help its writers improve their writing skills. The company also encourages its writers to always do well with writing jobs, by providing several bonuses, especially to those writers who complete a certain number of pages in a month with minimal errors. The company encourages its writers to always produce papers that will meet, if not exceed, the expectations of the clients because, that way, the clients will be happy and be willing to give more online essay writing jobs to the company. This will translate into more work and more money for writers.

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